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VdV Moments

Branding of distributor van

New Zealand

March 2020

Hot prospects Awards on 2019-2018-2017 USA performance

Shanken / Impact

October 2019

Sponsoring wine at the DFNI – Frontier Awards 2019

TFWA Cannes

October 2019

Branding of distributor van


June 2019

Veuve du Vernay Ice Brut + rosé

Sponsoring Wine in all bars and restaurants

May 2019

Amberlounge - Event & Hospitality F1

On Premise Activation – Tastings – Education – Elevator advertising

Manhattan Club - New York

April 2019

South Beach Food & Wine Festival (SOBEWFF)

Miami - USA

February 2019

Cocktail & Dinner Party

Charton Hobbs - Canada

January 2019


Artists during cocktail, photo-wall, Ice-bar, fireworks, DJ

Black Friday 2018 Festival


November 2018

VDV - Shopping China Black Friday 2018 - Feeling the party film

Launching in Bali

August 2018

Impact hot prospect brand award


January 2017

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Got a picnic coming up? Or a meal with company? I know just the drink for you! VdV Brut Rosé is indulgent but delicate, fruity, and refreshing—a great choice for any occasion! _

April 9, 2021

Well, here we are again. Another Coachella cancelled 😭 But that won't stop me from dancing the weekend away! If you’re looking for me, I’ll be in the backyard with the music pumping and the VdV flowing, pretending to be crowd surfing in the California desert 🌵💃🎶🌻 _

April 6, 2021

Happy Easter! Celebrate this special day with a sparkling glass of VdV Brut Rosé! A particularly well-deserved treat for those of you who gave up alcohol for Lent 😉 _

April 4, 2021